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At GTF Studio we work our best to make accessible as much as we can at a top level quality.We offer facilities,equipment and professional guidance for the best result 
Image by Cobro
Image by Caught In Joy


$60 per hour (Engineer incl.)

record your own sound at our studio we taking care of the tracking and editing so you can have the best work possible and a pre mix.


Starting at $150 per song

Your song is done or you did it somewhere else and you need to mix it, we got you covered. We will polish your song and make it sound clean and professional

Mixing Console


$50 per song


Contact us or visit online beat store

Are you planing a commercial release of a Album/mixtape single or EP ? lets make your song(s) ready for it with professional mastering.

Starting a new project but you can find production ? let us handle that we high quality production from our producer team if you need something specific we'll created it 

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